New Website Design Launch! Angelina’s Italian Grill

New Website Design Launch! Angelina’s Italian Grill

Angelina’s Italian Grill, Glen Mills PA

We recently completed a new website design for a great new Italian restaurant in Glen Mills, PA. Angelina’s Italian Grill had a soft opening and they called us and wanted a website ASAP. We managed to create a fresh, brand new site up and running in two weeks. Just in time for their grand opening.

Angelina's Italian Grill

Angelina’s Italian Grill new website opened on Google on page 8. In two weeks we have them ranked on page 2.

With just a basic site that is correctly optimized we have been extremely effective. We are still adding in features and building out the website. Because they needed a site up quickly we didn’t get to add in every design feature we wanted. That actually works out great for us, as we add in more pages and info we will be looked on favorably by Google for constantly updating the website.

Even though we only have a basic version of the site up right now it is very effective and professional. They have already received online reservations from clients who found them online. We can’t wait to see how fast they rank on the first page of google. By adding a few new pages and blog posts we can rank them for many different search terms. We can also target all the towns surrounding their location in Glen Mills PA.

Visit the site and see how professional and clean the design looks. Our number one goal when we create a site is effectiveness. Does it rank on google so people can find it and does it convert visitors to clients. Those are the only thing that matters. A good clean design will do just that.

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