How to Run Facebook ads

How to Run Facebook ads

How to Run Facebook Ads in Ocean City NJ

After talking to more than a few business owners recently about marketing and running Facebook ads. It occurred to me that not many small business owners realize the sheer power of what Facebook can do through its ad platform. So in this post I’m going to go over just a few of the amazing benefits that Facebook ads offer, and we won’t even touch on the Facebook Pixel which is a game changer and mind blowing. We are based right outside of Ocean City NJ, which is a shore resort town, so we will be talking in the context of how to run Facebook ads in Ocean City NJ.

What’s the best way to run a Facebook ad?

There’s is much more to Facebook advertising than boosting a post. Boosting a post is ok but not that effective. What we want to do is go into the ad manager and pick a type of campaign. I personally use Traffic campaigns the most. I always want to drive traffic to an offer or sale on a webpage.

Step 1:

How to run facebook ads in ocean city nj


Step 2:

After you create a campaign the next page will be your target location and audience. Since we are using Ocean City NJ as our town you can see I am targeting 25 miles around Ocean City and 25 miles around Philadelphia. We could really dig in and target all the towns surrounding Philly as well since many of the visitors to OC come from West Chester, Bucks County, Etc. But for this tutorial on how to run Facebook ads I just selected Ocean City and Philly.


How to run facebook ads

Step 3:

Now here comes the fun part, picking our target audience. Here is where we can get creative. For this example we will pretend we are going to run an ad for our friends at Reds Jersey Mex Cafe. They have some of the best Mexican food on the Island. So we go into the detailed targeting box and type “Mexican” and the first suggestion that pops up is Mexican Cuisine. We add that and now click suggestions. Facebook will give us all the suggestions related to Mexican Cuisine and we will add all that are relevant.

How to Run Facebook Ads in Ocean City NJ

Now we want to add in people with proven behaviors (like those who like to eat at restaurants.) Browse > Behaviors.

How to Run Facebook Ads in Ocean City NJ

Once you go into Behaviors scroll down and click on purchase behavior > purchase types > restaurants. Here we will click on the mid range restaurants. I would suggest to dig around in the behaviors that is where the real meat of data is.


How to Run Facebook Ads in Ocean City NJ

Step 4: 

Now that we have a good audience to target it’s time to pick our placement. There are 4 main places you can run ads in Facebook’s network. Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network, Messages. I prefer to run ads Just on Facebook and sometimes the Audience Network. The audience Network is places outside of Facebook that uses Facebook’s ad network so if someone has a blog they can partner with Facebook and get paid to be a partner and display Facebook ads. Sometimes that option gets good results.

Now this is a very important selection. You only want to display ads in the news feed NOT in the side bar. So make sure that is checked appropriately. These are the settings I start with when choosing where to display my ads.

How to Run Facebook Ads in Ocean City NJ

Step 5:

Pick your budget. This is an easy part. I suggest starting with $100 for a week. If you can’t swing that try $50. Any less than that and your not really going to be that effective.

Step 6:

Creating a Facebook Ad

Here we connect the ad to our Facebook page and pick what type of ad we will create. Video ads work well if you have a great looking short video to use. If not, I use single images. go down to free stock images and search for one you like that applies to your business and what you want to accomplish with your ad.

Tip: use photos with lots of pink or red and one that possibly has a person in it.

You have 3 text boxes you can fill in. You want to use happy words and not negative words. The ad will be more effective if you have a great offer like 5% off for claiming this offer etc.

Example of happy words are:

  • love
  • easy
  • you
  • learn
  • save
  • safe
  • free
  • fast
  • unique
  • start

Here is my finished ad that I would run for Reds Jersey Mex Cafe (the Facebook page and link are just fillers, I would of course use their page and website).

how to run a facebook ad in ocean city nj

Step 7:

Confirm and run the ad and your done!

Now after a day or two you want to keep an eye on it. Look at the results and adjust as needed. You may find that your spending a lot of money to run on the Facebook audience network with little results so you could go back in and edit the ad and deselect that option. Or you may find that mostly women are clicking and responding much better than men. So go edit and chose only to run the ad targeting women (that is pretty common actually).

So there you have it a short and quick guide on how to run Facebook ads in Ocean City NJ. Hope this helped and if you have any questions at all just shoot me a message and I’ll help you out.

Or if you are looking for someone to run the ads for you so you don’t have to worry about it let us know! We would be more than happy to help.

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