Search Engine Optimization

Are you confused by SEO? Maybe you don't exactly know what it is and why you need it. I learned the hard way years ago when I had my first website built for my business. My site was brand new and looked amazing but it never showed up on Google. Everyone I asked just told me to give it time for Google to find the site and index it. After a few years of barely being on google I started really looking into SEO. It was then I discovered all the different aspects of SEO and how I should be optimizing my site. Since then I have learned over the years what works and what doesn't. I am continually studying, learning and testing. 

We can evaluate your site and online presence and see what the best option for you moving forward. Is your site set up correctly, do you have all the proper headers and tags in place, do you have any backlinks, how many of your business listings and local directories are set up. There are many different things that affect your rank on Google. We can put a plan in place that will deal with all the problems your site has. After we optimise your website we monitor how Google scans and ranks your site on the search pages. Use the form below to contact us for your free SEO evaluation! 

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