The Best Website Design In Ocean City New Jersey, NEW WEBSITE

The Best Website Design In Ocean City New Jersey, NEW WEBSITE

How to Find The Best Website Designer in Ocean City NJ.

We recently completed a new website for Gerry Palermo Plumbing. Their site hadn’t been updated for years and they wanted to get a fresh new look online. Gerry Palermo Plumbing is one of the most respected plumbing businesses and as a website designer in Ocean City NJ we were excited to provide a great new website. Maybe you are looking for how to find the best website designer in Ocean City NJ? Contact us today and we will give you a free report and estimate!

How we create the most effective websites

Were going to show you a really cool feature on our website design that just plain works. We don’t like to create flashy and distracting websites. Our website design is clean and extremely effective. Our main goal when we create a site is to make sure it converts visitors into clients. Isn’t that the number one goal of small businesses, to convert leads to clients? Let’s take a look at how we turn visitors to leads with the best website design in Ocean City New Jersey.

Website Design for Mobile

How to find The Best Website Designer in Ocean City NJThe first thing we do is we design a mobile version of the website. Mobile users are only going to rise as time goes on. 65% of all searches are now on mobile. If you can’t convey your business on a cell phone screen quickly and effectively, a new website design will be of no use. That is why we put a priority on the mobile version.

If you notice in the screenshot of the mobile site you can see the contact information front and center as soon as you arrive at the home page, this is very deliberate. We want potential clients to know how to get in touch. Too many times we see website designs where you have to sort through the site to be able to find the contact info. When people are searching for a plumber it’s most likely an urgent issue and they need to get a hold of someone quick. Having the contact info first, we have seen, makes a huge difference in conversion rates.

With our website design we want to design a site that helps you reach your business’s goal. If your site doesn’t convert it isn’t working for you, no matter how pretty and flashy it looks. If no one sees it and it’s not intuitive to use, you just won’t convert as many leads as you could. The sad thing is that you actually don’t know or can quantify how much business you are losing from a bad and ineffective website. You might think you are doing ok because you get an occasional lead from your site. It’s possible that you should be converting thousands of leads and not just a few.

Here is some good news. We can run some tests and do a complete evaluation on your site for free. We can give you an idea on the numbers and your status and then show you where you should, and could be. If you are trying to figure out how to find the best website designer in Ocean City NJ just Use the contact form below to get a hold of us!

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